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Sari Cohen talks Sex Toys

Written and compiled by Merisha De Voux and Andrea Collins
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For anybody who has just wondered into a sex shop for the first time, the variety and intensity of it all can be rather overwhelming. Luckily, we have an expert on board who will be breaking it down into little bite-size tit bits to pique your interest.

Sari AllureMeet Sari Cohen

Sari Cohen, owner of Allure Sensuality Emporium, product consultant, Key Note Speaker and Workshop Facilitator.

Her career journey started in Optometry, included Callanetics Training (an exercise training programme involving small muscular movements) and also running various skills development programmes.

Her services include an online store for discreet, secure and exclusive shopping when visiting the Emporium in Milnerton, Cape Town. She is also available to present her high quality products at ladies parties and events. She recently hosted a Kegel workshop, a practical class in which she teaches women how to engage the pelvic floor correctly.


What type of people shop at your store?

I see people from all walks of life, all genders and sexual orientations.

My clients are people that are shopping for high end products and good advice.
I often get first time buyers that have lots of questions but also very experienced ones that want to keep on exploring.

Sari Allure emporium

What type of toys do you sell?

I have an incredible range of high quality, affordable and satisfying products. It is the best collection of sex toys on the market.

What are your best sellers?

It changes all the time. Like any other industry, there are trends and new products on the market. Recently the Womanizer Pro40 (a pleasure toy not requiring penetration but uses pulsating pleasure waves) and the We-Vibe range (for couples) are at the top of the list.

What would you suggest for “beginners” i.e. for those who are too afraid or shy to shop at your store?

My suggestion is to make an appointment and come visit me. My aim is to make you feel welcome and at ease and to give you all the time to process the information provided. I encourage you to ask questions that you otherwise would not ask, so you can make an educated decision when making your purchase. There is nothing to be afraid of and no obligation whatsoever.

Kegel retrainingWhat would you suggest for Kegel retraining?

There is a wide range of products that can be used for Kegel training, Ben Wa Balls to Kegel Balls. They come in various weights and can be connected to an application on your phone to guide you when exercising.

My advice: Always take it slow and don’t overdo it.


What ‘toy’ would you suggest for self-exploration and why?

For ladies a small hand held clitoral stimulator is a good start. Firstly, its small in size and it can be used with a partner without intimidating him. Secondly, most women report that they orgasm mostly when they stimulate the clitoris. Thirdly, they can be used as full body massager on you or as foreplay with your partner.

What ‘toy’ would you suggest for couples and why?

The number one product for couples is the We-Vibe Sync. You can wear it during intercourse to stimulate both you and your partner.

What is the most valuable lesson that you have learnt while doing this job?

I’ve learned that we are all sexual beings and that we should not let “life” prevent and deprive us from sexual pleasure. Like anything else in life, sometimes you do need to make an effort for that pleasure – but it is so worth it.
Most importantly, if you don’t know how to pleasure yourself, don’t expect someone else to know how to pleasure you.

What is the most common advice your clients ask you?

I was recently asked by a group of young woman in a party what the secret is for a long and happy relationship. My answer was communication. Then they asked me what about a long, great, SEXUAL, relationship? The answer remains COMMUNICATION.

First you have to know and understand what it is that your body is communicating to you, and then you communicate it to your partner.

Interesting final word and one I can agree with. Not only is communication key, but so is knowing your body.

Thanks, Sari for taking the time to answer our questions. One thing’s for sure, she has a passion for people, believes in her products and enjoys educating and encouraging people to get in touch with their sensual self.

Contact Sari for a discreet shopping experience or to take your next party to another level.
“I’ll bring the shop to you and your friends for some fun, alluring time.”

Website :


Cell: +27 82 775 8960

Fax: +27 21 511 8801

Twitter: @SariAllure

Facebook:@Allure Sensuality Emporium


What toy has been on YOUR wish list?

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