Hi there!

I’m Andrea and I am a women’s health physiotherapist. To be clear, I specialise in vaginas, which by the way is NOT a dirty word!! I was not always interested in this field of work, but after running into some breastfeeding issues, I soon realised just how clueless and ill-informed I was. This led me on an incredible fact-finding mission, leaving me with one conclusion, I was not the only unenlightened woman on earth.

Just a little bit about me. When I’m not flying my physio flag, I’m a wife to an amazing husband and a mother to an adorable little boy and two awesome doggies. I enjoy roller skating and up until recently played Roller Derby for the Cape Town Rollergirls. Sadly, I had to resign to make more time for my full-time job, my family and blogging…but I have full aspirations of returning to it.

Normally in our line of work, should our master ‘detective skills’ unveil the pelvis as the main suspect for pain and dysfunction, the first thing we do is refer to someone else. Ask any physiotherapist. But I got curious.  I started taking extra courses, reading up and researching as much as I could. I have since directed my career (and free time) in this path…and have been learning ever since.

MyLadybits.com was not created to talk shop to other physios but rather to reach out to the general population. So, to the curious teenager, the busy middle-aged women, the glamorous granny and every other female in between, stick around! I’m just brimming with useful information and I’m super excited to share them with you.

Disclaimer: I may not be an expert in this field, but I know a thing or two about a thing or two and am more than happy to settle for the role of the messenger.

Bottom line. My main aim is to empower and enlighten women on the beauty and complexities of our bodies…and hopefully change a few lives in the process.

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